DESSA, the long recognized “Divette” in Philippine Music Industry, the petite diva who made a remarkable performance that made her a “star” as she bagged the 1993 Federation Internationale Def Organisation de Festival (FIDOF) award, held in Russia. A prestigious award giving body that accredits outstanding talented young artists which represents an international confirmation honoring their excellence. The advocate of the Filipino artists in international singing competition, she has nevertheless earned recognition as she makes her countrymen proud by bringing more international awards such as, the SAGA YOSHINOGARI FESTA’98, Asia Music Festival held in Saga, Japan, and winning the “Best Interpreter Award” in the 1999 ASIA SONG FESTIVAL in Malaysia. The powerful voice that often echoes in concert venues, studios, lounges and in most places where music aficionados gather, has also put her to the title of “The Front-Act Queen” where performances from International Artists like Patti Austin, Color Me Badd, Mike Francis, Denise Williams, David Benoit, Richard Elliot, Brian Adams, Lisa Stanfield, Cece Peniston, has been graced by this young diva. The open admiration for Dessa has not denied the fact that she captured the attention of these musical icons of her singing prowess, as Patti Austin quoted after hearing her sang in her concert “I should be the one singing front act for her”. Aside from her regular performances and special invitation for corporate events, she has also invaded theater as she performs in numerous musical acts such as the Valentine Musicale entitled “Something Stupid Called Love” held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Dessa also performed the Philippine National Anthem in the recently held Manny Pacquiao vs. Hector Velazquez fight at the 19,000 crowd capacity Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. More ...








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